combines organic materials such as wood and felt, rethinking the tree-trunk stool archetype. The drum is made of Argentine Paraíso-wood with two fingerholes to facilitate transport. Several felt rings from pure sheep-wool compose the tree-ring cushion. tronqo comes in three sizes and the cushion can be found in beige and grey.

small tronqo 13 tree-rings

tronqo 13 tree-rings
h 30cm, ø 22 cm

tall tronqo 17 tree-rings

tronqo 17 tree-rings
h 45cm, ø 30 cm

wide tronqo 25 tree-rings

tronqo 25 tree-rings
h 20 cm, ø 45 cm

felt cushion in beige and grey

tronqo feltcolours
•natural beige
•anthracite grey

Wood is a natural material that is sensitive to environmental conditions. Small fissures can occur. The solid wood is untreated. Superficial marks and dirt can be easily removed using fine sandpaper.
The cushion consists of 100% sheep-wool-felt. Stains can be cleaned with a wet cloth and neutral soap.
The cushion is not fixed to the stool and replacement is possible.